Bhan (ravelled_ribbon) wrote in deadolls,

Hey I am finally having singing lessons (assuming I can skip the waiting list with my 6th form priveleges).

Who here in the dead dolls has a position of authority in their educational establishment! Raise your hands! (I was actually denied one for being unconventional, Frankenbunni can vouch for the truth of that statement!).

After the exams are gone we need to organise trips and outings (sorry Tara I know you live in the land of Oz but we'll bring a plushie with Quoth written in marker pen on it). Not just for deadolls but all our other friends too. I miss people!

The weather has just the right quality of light for me to go and take photographs with my retro camera, but alas I cannot go to the forest/Greenwhich/central London because I am supposed to be revising Emma (the exam is tomorrow and I am only halfway through).
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